As I embark upon this new phase of my life, I would like to share my experiences and reflections with you.

Please read my blog posts to understand my intention in sharing my experience.

if you would like, you are welcome to email me at




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the blog this has been a plan of ours for several years now…… not exactly what your doing but to live in our RV, we have friends who have lived in their RV for years and are now in their 80’s and works out great for them. For right now work is getting in our way as well as selling the house as the market in my area isn’t doing very well. I look forward to you sharing your adventure.


  2. Happy Trails! If you get to Northern Idaho, my sister Debi and RIck are there, they are great hosts and would welcome you. Lake Coer d’lane (sp?) is magnificent. You two will really enjoy it there. Great little town. Also, you need to see Jackson, Wyoming…another great town with friendly people. I am looking forward to your posts and hopefully lots of photos!! Godd luck! Have fun!!


  3. What an interesting and well written blog – we are currently on Isla Mujeres and can picture the things and places you describe so well. You have really articulated some of the feelings I have been having about myself and my new retirement as well. I was so jealous when I read about your bicycle buying trip – so much fun. I am now a follower!


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